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Hotel with EV charger electric vehicle car station.

Hostel Juan de Austria has a private garage hotel with EV charger station for electric vehicles. In Aguadulce village or neighborhood of city in Roquetas de Mar, ALMERIA SPAIN.

This new hotel service is respect for environment. Cost is 30 euros full-load or Electric meter read kW x 0,25 €.

  • Connector: Schuko plugin
  • 5,5 kW for electrical vehicle hybrid
  • 230 VAC volts.
  • 16 A amps.
  • Conventional charge 8 hours. Monophase.
  • Only one tourism place.
  • Private indoor garage.
  • You need your own charger control, wire and adaptator plugin to charge.
  • Free parking cost for stays 3dec to 10jan. For other dates more info into Reception desk.

Passengers vehicles or caravan charge batteries. Liability for electric vehicle damage.

Book garage previously +34 950 340 163 or .

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Hostal Juan de Austria Aguadulce ALMERIA Spain - NEW HOTEL SERVICE.